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"Bubbly Spirit"

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Why Soy??

We take pride in using all natural Soy wax in each and every candle that we make. Its biodegradable, 100% vegan and has never used any animal products during its production. Safe from dyes giving its natural cream color. Maybe you've made a mistake and knocked over your candle? No problem just grab a towel, soap and water and voila. Soy has the benefit of being a slower burning wax. A soy candle may not brighten the room, but it will definitely set the mood. If you're health conscience and do not want to breathe in any toxins try a 21| FIVE co. hand poured candle today!

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White Candles with Plant Decor

About Us

Our Story

21 | F I V E co. began during a very difficult time in June 2020 during a global pandemic. Our new normal took a lot of getting used to so we began Yoga. With nowhere to go and nothing to do because of a state wide stay at home order and a lot of uncertainties, we needed peace. That led us to a lot of candle lit baths and a lot of meditation. That's how we came up with our beautiful logo design. Our number one goal for each and every product is relaxation and to feel good. We have spent sleepless nights to produce multiple different products to help people just like us cope with a days worth of LIFE. As a new brand we've hit a lot of brick walls, but that didn't stop us from moving forward. What started out as a hobby, has now become our passion . We’re proud to have produced products that people love and we look forward to giving back and making many more feel good products! What are you waiting for? Stop by our online store today for an exceptional shopping experience.

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Mon - Thur: 8:30am - 4:30pm
Fri: 10-2
Sat-Sun: Closed
( Online orders will continue to be processed )

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Contact Us

Questions, comments, requests? Feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

P.O. box 355 Lithia Springs, Ga 30122


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